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Start a Business in Zionsville

Starting a business? We can help.

Starting a business? We can help.

Start a Business in Zionsville

We know that starting a business in a new area can be challenging. As part of our commitment to helping you succeed, we’ve mapped out some best practices to help you get started.


Prepare a Business Plan

Developing a detailed business plan is an essential tool for a new business owner. Not only will a business plan provide direction, but it will help facilitate the process of building capitol through both traditional bank financing and investors. Click here or here for resources that can provide assistance with your business plan.


Determine Your Business Structure

It’s always best to consult a professional when making decisions with regard to your legal structure. Our membership base contains many reputable attorneys and tax consultants to assist you with this process. Click here for a list of resources in this area.


Decide on a Location

clientuploads/gfx/circlmap_img.jpgWhether you’re looking for existing office space or new land to develop, Zionsville has something to offer you. Contact Julie Johns-Cole at or 317-873.3836 to start the process.  

Click here for a list of resources for helping you find the perfect location for your business.


Secure Financing for Your Business

There are several funding options for you to consider in order to get financing. You can started by searching for local banks and connecting with the Small Business Administration.


Understand Zoning Requirements

Before finalizing your lease or purchase agreement, you will need to verify that your intended use is permitted in that zoning district. You can confirm zoning regulations and learn about any additional special requirements by visiting the Town of Zionsville’s Planning Department website or calling them at (317) 873-8247


Access Labor Force Data for Boone County

In 2013 the Boone County Economic Development Corporation procurred a labor force study. You can find a copy of the study here


Get Informed

Additional permits, licenses or forms may be required for you to start your business.

clientuploads/gfx/buildingsigns_icon.pngBuilding and sign permits.

A permit may be required if you plan to remodel, demolish or build a new structure. Please visit the Town of Zionsville’s Planning Department’s website or call them at (317) 873-8247.

clientuploads/gfx/federal_icon.pngFederal Employer Identification Number.

You must register for an EIN, also known as a Federal Income Tax Identification Number. You can obtain an EIN by visiting the IRS website here.

clientuploads/gfx/health_icon.pngHealth permits.

If you prepare and sell food, you will need to contact the Boone County Health Department by visiting their website or calling them at (765) 483-4458.

clientuploads/gfx/alchohol_icon.pngAlcoholic beverage license.

If you plan to sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco, you will need to get a license. Please visit the Indiana Tobacco and Alcohol Commission’s website or call them at (317) 232-2430.

clientuploads/gfx/US_icon.pngUnited States Customs permit.

If your business will involve the import or export of products from another country, you may need to obtain a permit. Please visit the United States Customs’ website or contact them at (877) 227-5511.

clientuploads/gfx/insurance_icon.pngBusiness insurance.

You are required to carry both Workers’ Compensation and general liability insurance. Contact a local insurance agency to discuss your options.


 Contact Your Local Utilities

You will need to get set up with local utility service. A list can be found below.

    ElectricBoone REMCDuke Energy
    WaterCitizens’ Water
    WastewaterTown of Zionsville Wastewater Department
    GasVectren Energy Delivery
    TelecommunicationsAT&TBrighthouse Cable / Nextiva
    Trash removal and recyclingRay’s Trash Service